Catering Cajun is a great opportunity to be self-employed as well as being an excellent investment. For anyone interested in the food service industry, you can begin a catering business for a fraction of the cost associated with opening a restaurant. For those already with established restaurants, a Catering Cajun franchise is an economical way to increase your revenue stream.

What makes Catering Cajun different from its competitors?
Catering Cajun specializes in seafood and barbecues. We originated in the South which allows us to offer better quality seafood and authentic Cajun dishes. All prepared items will be shipped directly to you from our USDA kitchen to ensure quality and consistency. Our mobile food preparation units, trailers, and accessories, are unique to the catering industry in design, versatility, and performance.

How much will it cost to own a franchise?
Initial investments range from $85,000 - $125,000 depending on the equipment package you select. There are no additional fees or royalties, and you do not pay any percentage of your annual sales.

How much can I expect to make with a franchise?
Sales will increase proportionately with the amount of effort put into your business. Obviously, the more effort, the higher your annual sales.

How soon can I start a franchise?
Typically, you should allow 60 days from the development agreement to begin an operating franchise.

Who will train me?
We provide training for all equipment and 50 hours of support, both on-site and by phone. We will also assist you with your initial vendor setup and ordering. No previous food experience is necessary, but it is helpful. Management skills are also an asset in operating your business.

How big will my territory be?
We will not allow another franchise within a 60-mile radius of your headquarters, depending on population. We currently have one operation in Atlanta, Georgia and are in negotiations with others in South Carolina and Texas. If there is a specific geographic area you are interested in, please contact our office for availability.

Other than the equipment purchased with a franchise, what else will I need?
A pick-up truck or van to pull trailers and transport food is necessary. Also, depending on how large your business grows, a commissary or cold storage and/or warehouse may be necessary.

What food items will I purchase from Catering Cajun?
Our private label specialty entrees, seasonings, and barbecue rubs.

What food items will I purchase locally?
Your raw products such as chicken, ribs, and brisket, as well as your fresh produce. At times, due to availability or season, it may be necessary to purchase some raw items from us. In this event, our typical mark-up is 20 percent. Depending on your location, shipping charges may apply.

How many employees will I need to hire?
What makes Catering Cajun so attractive is that you control how much money you make. The menus are simple, easy, and designed for an output of high volumes of food in a short period of time. This means you can do it by yourself, or hire an assistant in the beginning. As your business grows, the more employees you will need to hire.

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