With over 30 mobile food preparation units, and constantly growing, we have the largest catering fleet in the South and can handle any volume of guests, any place, any time. Our boiling rigs can produce 50,000 pounds of crawfish, shrimp or crabs at one time, while our barbecue rigs and smokers can accommodate up to 20,000 pounds of steak or chicken. Our mobile fryers produce 1,000 pounds of catfish per hour and are capable of feeding up to 10,000 people per event. Cast iron black pots add to the authentic Cajun flair of our jambalayas, gumbos, and etouffees. Our refrigerated trucks support our mobile units to ensure that all seafood, meat, and produce are delivered fresh and kept that way until served.

Our fleet of trucks, trailers, and equipment are maintained to the highest standards, ensuring their safe operation at a moment’s notice.
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